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So about 54,000 users total, counting any users who might think "Q" is totally nuts, out of a population of some 200 million adults? I think if we would just learn to ignore internet bullshit we would be better off, instead we magnify and glorify it.

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Mera 7 months ago
This is how I roll:
Mazukazahn 6 months ago
What do I want to see?
Zudal 6 months ago
Tricked. Into being a racist. Right. ??
Vujin 6 months ago
Natural laws and the expansion of the singularity.
Faumi 6 months ago
your issue is with the S A justice system,
Kazijind 5 months ago
...are ya clean yet??
Dukasa 5 months ago
Dream on ain't shit.........!!
Fegore 5 months ago
Hey Chino how are you
Faegami 5 months ago
Ok. So how do you see The Mother?
Fenrigami 4 months ago
Talk about 'yellow journalism''.....
Shat 4 months ago
You have to stick
Bragami 4 months ago
So you're down to this. Talk about defeat!
Fautilar 4 months ago
More like a catalystic virus promulgating plague.
Zolor 4 months ago
Not sure he's going to care, honestly. LOLOL!!!

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