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888 23:5510 months ago

the answers to this debate are not religious. Biology exposes the facts on the subject.

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Tujar 10 months ago
Unlike the left, Trump is an American patriot ....
Aralabar 9 months ago
I'm better than you, sorry you're upset, little one.
Nimi 9 months ago
Yeah, a lot of BS outrage
Kajihn 9 months ago
They know how to hide themselves.
Nehn 9 months ago
"Faith in a god is irrational."
Akinojora 9 months ago
The discussion isn't about Barak Obama anywsys.
Meztiran 9 months ago
Stay ho.e and make their country work.
Mokinos 8 months ago
CO2 emissions have been dropping dramatically in the US.
Tygolar 8 months ago
Could you please provide this theological source?
Malall 8 months ago
Slavery is bad as its
Bakazahn 8 months ago
The doctors made the determination.
Aragul 7 months ago
You're right. It's a sign you're a horse's ass.
Kigakree 7 months ago
That one is always good for a chuckle.
Kagakasa 7 months ago
That sounds like a koan. I detest those.
Malalabar 7 months ago
Did I contradict myself?

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