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440 08:089 months ago

Do you also laugh at the hypocrisy of the pro-choice crowd. Apart from the fact that they are as much in favour of bad choices as they are in good choices, 'choice is hardly an appropriate word for an action which, at a stroke, deprives a human of not just one choice but of every possible lifetime choice.

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Vishura 9 months ago
Dig deeper than Nanaboozhoo.
Malalkis 9 months ago
The story of a boy...... named...... symmetrical ?????
Mem 9 months ago
Awww man I want a horse !
Tygoktilar 9 months ago
Th-th-tha that's all, folks!
Akinolabar 8 months ago
You and your wit, lady, crack me up. ??
Mora 8 months ago
Cite one source, please.
Mot 8 months ago
That is absolutely NOT true.
Mam 8 months ago
Thanks need to pay better attention.

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