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722 11:219 months ago

Yes, there are also atheists that sponsor charities. But since they aren't religious organizations, they actually have to document their actions and where the money goes. In religious organizations, that information is secret.

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Zulujar 9 months ago
Now it is him that burns.
Tujas 9 months ago
This might be the best comment I?ve ever seen.
Mezigore 9 months ago
obviously you are insane.
Nigar 9 months ago
Tremendous trembling from Trump's Tweets!
Bajas 8 months ago
There is no such thing as magic.
Zurn 8 months ago
Aha, so you can't prove a consensus.
Mazusar 8 months ago
No, not really. ??
Mazulmaran 8 months ago
Again, despair is a mortal sin.
Shaktirn 7 months ago
I?ve directly identified why it was hypocrisy.
Kagarg 7 months ago
They are pointing to where Peach will be later
Doutaxe 7 months ago
If it's not a human being, what is it?
Nelrajas 7 months ago
I'm gaga for Ganesha!
Yozshuzshura 7 months ago
Of you shooting? Right?

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