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41 06:439 months ago

Not if wages are stagnant and the CEOs & shareholders get their money first.

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Tedal 9 months ago
i understand. that is fine
Tekus 9 months ago
I was giving you something to hold on to
Gushura 8 months ago
Thanks you for your personal opinion.
Tagor 8 months ago
it was long --- sick people all day!
Negal 8 months ago
No.people are born gay or hetero.This has been proved.
Fenribar 8 months ago
You really are "uniformed" too, aren't you?
Bajind 8 months ago
ya had:P No i got stuck in work
Mikacage 7 months ago
Nope, that is an alternative fact and BS.
Mern 7 months ago
still no answer? now your using
Tygorn 7 months ago
Jeez, not the 2LoT bullshit again.
Nabei 7 months ago
Your welcome, have fun it's a good channel
Kijind 7 months ago
Shush you watch anime
Zolobar 7 months ago
That's sweet of you to say :)
Gagrel 7 months ago
Lol. Me ?? Thank you .??
Jujind 6 months ago
Why is it "obvious"?
Samuhn 6 months ago
Sounds like a hobby.
Meztizil 6 months ago
Have you tried asking on a science forum?
JoJogor 6 months ago
I'd take Nixon back in a red hot minute.
Vokus 6 months ago
Which one is cheaper?
Shabar 6 months ago
Probably because it is true?
Kigale 5 months ago
Nope. Fully agree with you.
Arashizshura 5 months ago
You have deficits in drawing accurate conclusions.
Didal 5 months ago
You?re making me work, Chad, gracias.
Yogor 5 months ago
Ditto if they are behind bars.
Mezijin 5 months ago
I got the hook up on some Tupperware
Nern 4 months ago
No, it's only you. I checked.
Kigazuru 4 months ago
Word filter got ya on m&ff

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