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560 10:379 months ago

It wasn?t made ?specific on ?born children until after a Christian spoke on the definition of children as new human life and parental ?choices?. Thus, it?s about censorship, not about remaining on the post-determined ?specific topic. That?s just a BS cop-out, as is ?Abortion Friday BS attempt to save face.

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Mikale 9 months ago
More than 7 days?
Tojagul 9 months ago
I paid into your retirement, too.
Kazirn 9 months ago
Probably sleeping off their nightly drunk ...
Zulura 8 months ago
I can't see your comment
Mojas 8 months ago
Only if you don't actually read the Gospels.
Gardacage 8 months ago
That's a fascinating co incidence.
Jushakar 8 months ago
No prob. It is well
Zulkimi 8 months ago
is this a joke?
Shaktishura 8 months ago
right, where did these people come from Sly?
Moogugal 7 months ago
Critias said that at the time of Socrates.
Taujas 7 months ago
Thought it would be "the religion of peace". Bahah.

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