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215 01:00:175 months ago

Well... to get there though, you'd have to get government out of the /retailing/ of beer.

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Brakasa 5 months ago
oh, and to allow you comprehension of
Faegul 5 months ago
Your opinion has been noted.
Arashiktilar 4 months ago
Clearly the racist inbreeding of conservatism is the cause.
Tojazahn 4 months ago
Your own link refutes your assertion.
Zulkijar 4 months ago
It is all lining up......
Grotilar 4 months ago
Driving a wedge between traditional allies.
Nikazahn 3 months ago
If you want to kill time, why not.
Maujind 3 months ago
Still evading as predicted.
Tygohn 3 months ago
My man crush is just smug ??????
JoJokinos 3 months ago
Screw postage entirely! Take a shit on their windshield!
Vudosida 3 months ago
Not climbing..staying the same for 18 mo.43%
Takinos 3 months ago
coming to you soon
Tujin 3 months ago
How did I guess!????
Fejin 2 months ago
One that identifies the individual as BLACK.
Kazragrel 2 months ago
Your welcome. By the way good morning
Dirr 2 months ago
That could be arranged.
Vumuro 2 months ago
What? Looks to be the case.
Samujas 1 month ago
Tell that to the college.
Gardagami 1 month ago
Does it answer my question?
Felabar 1 month ago
Ok. Thanks for explaining. I learned a lot.
Meztira 1 month ago
I?d be glad to. Straight from the dictionary:
Dojar 1 month ago all means. Enlighten us.
Zulurn 3 weeks ago
You are so mean ROSE! :(
Samukasa 3 weeks ago
Did you mean enlightenment?
Tujora 2 weeks ago
I argue with myself- does that make me God?
Fauk 1 week ago
GM how are you today
Arashijar 2 days ago
How could you possibly know this for sure?

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