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Okay, whatever. I read the news and not just the crap CNN, NYT, MSNBC puts out. Believe it or not, there is a big world out there with great reporters from all over this beautiful world.

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Taramar 6 months ago
This author is so full of sh*t!
Tem 6 months ago
It is an opinion, at least in this context.
Nam 6 months ago
i already addressed that.
Vom 6 months ago
SO much Free Rent!
Mem 6 months ago
Good job Red Ranger,
Mojinn 6 months ago
What if we keep it PG?
Dalkree 6 months ago
I just told you how dupe.
Goltiramar 5 months ago
Move goal posts much ?
Tugore 5 months ago
DHS has declared them a terrorist organization, I believe.
Torg 5 months ago
Akmetshin and Veselnitsksya are not kindergarten teachers.
Doujinn 5 months ago
Billy has me blocked because I made him cry.
Shakazragore 5 months ago
Republicans have always been about equality.
Shacage 4 months ago
The topic isn't abortion.
Mezit 4 months ago
I am, it's a nice pic
Mezilkree 4 months ago
White guys getting their asses kicked. Metaphorically of course
Vobei 4 months ago
You're entitled to your opinion. Mine differs.
Voodooshura 4 months ago
TY I still cant do that on my phone.
Moogukasa 3 months ago
Well they do suck pretty hard??
Arashimi 3 months ago
You are entitled to your own opinion.
Najind 3 months ago
I should... I love creepy!
Vuzshura 3 months ago
Oh Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make,

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