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696 12:118 months ago

Metaphysics, the questions it asked and the answers it gives, has repeatedly been shown to be of no practical value apart for its use for creating fantastical fictional characters.

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Tedal 8 months ago
Lucky you you?re closer to Friday!!
Faegis 7 months ago
Don't see your point in making your comment.
JoJogul 7 months ago
Congrats Missouri.... Let your Workers Arise
Vokazahn 7 months ago
It's a complete lie is what it is.
Volkis 7 months ago
LOL If this one gets any dumber...
Mogis 7 months ago
You did not address the point I made.
Akikus 6 months ago
More ill thought out B.S.
Kinos 6 months ago
Vodka and I got my grandmothers genes
Daisida 6 months ago
Aww. Did he start flagging?
Arashiktilar 6 months ago
And apparently is a completely inept money manager :)
Nak 6 months ago
e-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident
Gujas 6 months ago
Still at it eh? How many conversions so far?
Aragar 6 months ago
There's no evidence that
Tojashicage 5 months ago
KFC isn't what it used to be!
Grozuru 5 months ago
Maybe he meant he won
Yojinn 5 months ago
Are we recycling manufactured outrage here?
Midal 5 months ago
Breitbart should remove Disqus to show solidarity
Nilabar 5 months ago
"Faith in a god is irrational."
Mezile 5 months ago
No, we were talking about history and US law
Got 4 months ago
Wow. talk about tacky comparisons.
Mazurg 4 months ago
I'm sure W got in totally on merit!
Zulrajas 4 months ago
So the universe and you are separate?
Meztitaur 4 months ago
You?re in my gotta know the password ??????
Dular 3 months ago
Not that i know of.
Kigazuru 3 months ago
Thank you from all of us
Shakree 3 months ago
Turn on the news.....the real news.....not fox noise....
Majin 3 months ago
Thank you young man.

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