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785 24:148 months ago

Some atheists do need to defend a claim such as there is no God , if they claim that.

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Jurn 8 months ago
the last President, hmm well Mr. JOWELS
Tygokree 7 months ago
Hey this was nice, Thanks Medic
Moogukora 7 months ago
It's not deleterious. It's a benign genetic alteration.
Taugar 7 months ago
They were talking specifically about religious ministries/charities, not corporations.
Tojashakar 7 months ago
Hahaha, he's such a buffoon and an idiot
Goktilar 7 months ago
Christians don't kill anyone? What?
Zulkilabar 6 months ago
Are you making water?
Kalar 6 months ago
I knew I wasn?t crazy. Amen, man.
Meztir 6 months ago
depends on what was said....
Judal 6 months ago
If god doesn't interfere what is his point?
Tygolkis 6 months ago
Nope. Its considered a fast food.
Morn 5 months ago
Were they abused by trans women?
Tautaxe 5 months ago
Can YOU explain this?
Goltisar 5 months ago
Hello, Stalker. Why so angry?
Kagazshura 5 months ago
Those Fire Hydrant water slides are
Bajind 5 months ago
I find your stance immoral. What now?
JoJojind 4 months ago
Sure. What's an inch?
Zolohn 4 months ago
So basically a news source? Thanks for the information.
Tek 4 months ago
Upvote for inserting proper North American grammar.
Garg 4 months ago
Or Fox News North...FNN,yes
Balkree 4 months ago
Do you think this is just a game?
Yolar 4 months ago
That's why they should move there.
Mezigami 4 months ago
Kewwwllll they just paid for a year of college...
Tolmaran 4 months ago
Fuck them fucking fuckers
Meztimi 3 months ago
aye partially agree :)
Gardajinn 3 months ago
Ghostiee Good night its 2AM for me sleepyyyy
Ter 3 months ago
Thanks for bursting my time machine fantasy. Hahaha.
Faer 2 months ago
Laughing my wits off!
Kajiktilar 2 months ago
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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