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890 10:105 months ago

Nice. But you know, much of the time handicapped slots are just ridiculous. A little store like this where there's no ramps or anything, what's the point? I'm a small govt type myself, I really don't like this kind of interference in private property.

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Vudozil 5 months ago
I do not do comparables each one stands alone.
Megar 5 months ago
Mine are soft...and I need to shave, lol!
Branris 4 months ago
I'm a funny little b ?. witch!
Goltir 4 months ago
Exactly, so it can't be considered religion.
Akinonris 4 months ago
....What is the punishment for TREASON? EXECUTION !!!
Kajirisar 4 months ago
You are the one making irrational accusations...
Mazumuro 3 months ago
Hahaha i was honest ????
Meztilabar 3 months ago
The French statue, of the headless chick?
Gozilkree 3 months ago
He is weak and thats last thing we need.
Kigagrel 3 months ago
Ooooh! Please do share! :-)
Akill 3 months ago
I NEVER make mistakes. I only fib a little.
Vuzahn 2 months ago
Not without my help
Fegal 2 months ago
Actually, that is an excellent analogy.
Daile 2 months ago
and if only.......Obama had a son
Shaktilar 2 months ago
I see more than one Jesus in scriptures.
Vikora 2 months ago
Oh- hey :) How are you?
Zushura 2 months ago
I was just trolling. Did your head asplode?
Jusho 2 months ago
I could probably rent it out. How much?
Malarisar 2 months ago
Because I actually had psychology classes.
Grohn 1 month ago
Faith and your question is false logic
Gardakora 1 month ago
Thanks. Some sociology makes sense.
Kazigami 1 month ago
King has such a creepy imagination!
Zuluzahn 1 month ago
Tea, reading, Work and Cooking..
Goltitaur 3 weeks ago
No way to make the text green?

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