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961 03:5610 months ago

Why dont they spend time debating it? Is it because stamp collector dont try and firce their collection on others.

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Dotaur 9 months ago
Thanks a ton ...
Mazukus 9 months ago
Oh really I had no idea what a surprise.????????????
Yolabar 9 months ago
Rabbis don't do anything like that.
Yozshujora 9 months ago
Hey girl with awesome hair. I agree with you.
Nabei 9 months ago
Your a cool lady, I'm glad I met you
Yojin 8 months ago
That comment was in reference to God.
Kajihn 8 months ago
You? Explain science to anyone?
Nekazahn 8 months ago
my crockpot has been a revelation
Dule 8 months ago
Has anyone been nice to you in your life?
Voodoom 8 months ago
specialty as in it's only available in some places.
Nikokree 8 months ago
Ah, I misread your point then.
Gardatilar 7 months ago
Academia is a big one.
Samucage 7 months ago
Thanks GL. I sincerely appreciate that.
Akinor 7 months ago
I AM A MYSTICAL GURU you religious spiritual nut.
Togore 7 months ago
Thank you sir. Much obliged.

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