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15 20:139 months ago

There's a whole bunch of wrong in this incident. But there's something seriously wrong with the stand your ground law if that shooting was justified. There's no way that guy was in fear for his life, since the shoving guy backed up when he pulled his gun.

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Vule 9 months ago
Yes. People have made good arguments.
Zulkidal 9 months ago
Buttons like an organ!!??????????
Gorg 9 months ago
First, instinct isn't necessarily emotion.
Mahn 8 months ago
loving that sarcasm RD
JoJosida 8 months ago
I will look forward to that time.
Kikree 8 months ago
Silver is for werewolves.
Dir 8 months ago
I know you told me, I will get it.
Gokasa 8 months ago
It completely depends on your OWN definition of Love.
Tazilkree 7 months ago
Look... I don't think so! :O
Meztirn 7 months ago
Talk about a miss delivery!!! ???? ????
Fenrilar 7 months ago
She sure is, download the pic if you want
Tygojar 6 months ago
liberals think like the majority
Daishakar 6 months ago
Zombie apocalypse comes once every Election Day.
Jusho 6 months ago
The website is informative.
Vigami 6 months ago
Ohhhhh look at you.
Kazilmaran 6 months ago
Yep, life ain't fair.
Akinor 5 months ago
Improve your writing skills Bobbie.
Meziran 5 months ago
In many action games i play they do it
Garr 5 months ago
And take every dime and asset!
Kelkree 5 months ago
Not going to miss the face, attitude, or ignorance
Daran 5 months ago
YOU provide evidence for one of these.
Mubar 5 months ago
"In-Depth analysis" that I expected.
Majas 5 months ago
They are peoplekind economic migrants.
Ter 5 months ago
Your last sentence is ironic according to your premise.
Manos 5 months ago
Good visuals with the sphere ??
Magis 4 months ago
They are a big price setter in treasury auctions.
Kajinos 4 months ago
I don?t know is it? ??????

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