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21 14:587 months ago

Anyone bother to read Aristotle or early the Christian fathers? Universal Truths exist logically. Hierarchy is really all that remains in question. Are we the arbiters of Truth or is there One Above us to whom we are held Accountable?

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Dulabar 7 months ago
??????And he's talking a load of shit
Kazikinos 7 months ago
Weird.?? I can see it? You can't?
Mezshura 7 months ago
Cheers. Go Riders! ==//S//==
Shakak 6 months ago
Like bombing Iraq and Afghanistan?
Dojin 6 months ago
Belly Dancing is big in some countries, no?
Akinora 6 months ago
Some food for thought there actually.thanks.
Najinn 6 months ago
Scientific findings are superstitious?
Daikazahn 6 months ago
I wouldn't say I'm religious u.u
Tut 5 months ago
Btw good call on Rev ignoring this post completely.
Zumuro 5 months ago
There ya go get those synapses synapsesing!!
Guzahn 5 months ago
How have you been?
Gojin 5 months ago
I banned it, but I left the posts.
Melkree 5 months ago
They weren't acts of vandalism. They were hate crimes.
Shakalmaran 5 months ago
S L O W ... C L A P!
Makree 5 months ago
Are you a proponent of the Documentary Hypothesis (JEPD)?
Shaktizahn 5 months ago
Nah waooooo,,,,,,which one be sportsex again

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